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Who am I, who is T0meo?

This will be a wall of text, if you want to know more about me, take a read, if you don't, check the projects tab for example music

On the serious note, I'm Tom. I've been doing music since mid 2017. I was born in 2001. I always loved to play video games. I've started my journey way back in the day, when there were no smartphones. I was playing around, producing music/beats on a really old Nokia phone that had keys. There was a DAW in those phones, although not advanced, simple drum stuff, not even mixer settings were available at that time. I used to do this around my grandparents, since there was nothing better to do when the weather was bad. I started my journey a few months before Avicii passed away. That was actually a breaking point, where I started taking music more seriously, while keeping awareness of all the wrong in the industry. I started going towards the EDM scene, but soon realized it's not skill that matters, but money and the numbers you already had. Without these 2, you will not make it, unless you do remixes. I did not want to do those, as I felt they limit my creativity. I always loved making freestyle tracks, bass synths, or even anything that would mix and mash styles

As for music theory and education, I've never really took any music classes. My sister used to take those and ended up playing the piano/violin on weddings occasionally. I applied to a music school, but had reasons to drop it the first day...  This limited my options, as I had no time to try and apply again, that's why I decided to learn on my own.

In video games, you could have all the creativity that you would want, that's why I'm making sounds/music for games. You can look at a scenery or a sketch of the game/level, and you already know the vibe. You can make the vibe even stronger with the right music, or completely switch focus. It's a really cool industry, although it also has some flaws. Happily, being not that big of an artist, you have freedom with who to work. You will not be accepted by a big company unless you have a big portfolio, but that's the reason of me being Freelance. I can work with whoever and whenever.

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